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So you’ve decided to knock out the wall inside to enlarge the kitchen and extend the deck to catch that Central Coast northern winter sun. For a couple of months at least, you’ll be living in the disruption of renovations: Dust, no bench to chop your vegetables, and constantly watching your step for stray pieces of timber, not to mention the noise.

Renovations are an exciting time. You can see in your mind’s eye the new spaciousness you’ll soon be cooking in and the sun you’ll be drinking in on your newly polished deck. But between the idea and the completion of the idea, there is a lot of mess.

Imagine for a moment two months into the future. You’re in the middle of your renovation, frustration has crept in because you’ve had enough of the mess and you just want it all to be finished. But today the plumber is coming and he’s going to install the plumbing for the hot water, among other things, so at least the washing up will be easier. You allow yourself to relax a little.

Then a call comes in. It’s Bruce, the plumber. He can’t come in because he’s caught up at another job. You quickly do the calculations and realise that means the carpenter won’t be able start what he was planning to do tomorrow, which means the painter will have to be rescheduled, and very quickly the whole thing starts to feel like it’s spiralling out of control.

Renovations by their nature are disruptive. There’s no way you can knock down a wall and it not be disruptive. However, once you add the need to coordinate the electrician, carpenter, and plumber to work together (not to mention getting along together!) it can start to feel like solving a rubik’s cube. It’s not at all unusual for your 3 month plan to extend months and months beyond the initial planning, while the cost can also quickly travel higher than your initial estimations.

There’s a reason Construction Management is a 4 year University Degree. Coordinating all the different trades to work together effectively, efficiently and cohesively is a steep learning curve!

Now you’re probably not planning on extending your house into a three-storey mansion, but if you’re planning on a kitchen or bathroom renovation while rebuilding the deck, you may be surprised at just how much there is to organise. From planning, to coordinating the dates when tradies will show up, to buying materials, to actually finishing the renovation, well, that’s a lot to think about. The chances that you miss a small detail, or Bruce the plumber calls in sick, or Jerry the electrician simply doesn’t show up that day, are high. And often that doesn’t mean just one day delay. It has a roll on effect that can really get to your nerves as you cook microwave pasta for the 12th day in a row.

At Right Solution Trades, a big part of what makes us unique is the way we coordinate all the trades together. From electrical, to building, to plumbing and more. If you’re in greater Newcastle or the Central Coast, it doesn’t matter whether you need a quick fix it, or a job that requires a whole lot of planning we work together as team and with you. Because we employ all the major trades under one roof you can be sure that every detail is taken care of to the highest degree of quality and delivered on time.

Renovating is hard work, but if done right, there will be plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction all along the way.