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The humble Pergola is the perfect addition to any Australian back yard, and just what you need this summer.

If you’re living in Australia then there’s a good chance you love being in the sun. Outdoor living is what summer in Australia is all about: good food, good company, and icy cold drinks. However, a relentlessly hot summer can take its toll and it can make you want to hide inside under the air conditioner. But who wants to be inside on a gorgeous sunny weekend?  Thank goodness for the pergola. The craving for shade on a scorching day is perhaps only outrivalled by love for the sun and the outdoors. Pergolas offer both: an outdoor area with the comfort of cool shade.

Pergolas vary as much as your imagination.

To stretch your imagination a little, here is a great range of possibilities of what a pergola can look like in your home. While these examples may be extravagant, it goes to show just how varied and wonderful they can be.

Maybe it’s a place to sit and drink by the pool, giving easy access to the constant refreshment of a cool body of water and the freedom to choose sun or shade.

Maybe it’s a place to be out in the garden, nearby the grass for lounging around or some backyard cricket.

You might want a large entertaining area or smaller space to read and chill. A nice high ceiling to feel as though you’re living like kings or a more contained space for comfortability. However it looks, and whatever its design, there’s one thing that will be guaranteed to make any outdoor space feel even better: plants.

Plants and Pergolas; a match made in heaven.

No matter where you build your Pergola, there will a plant that’s perfect for you. From the subtle to the ornate, from the bold to the discreet – having plants in your quaint outdoor living space seems to have a soothing and enlivening impact. Indoor plants give a space a sense of freshness and vitality, while garden plants seem to rejoice with you in the summer sun. Below are a few ideas on what kind of plants might work best for you.

Climbing plants are the Pergola’s best friend.

Climbing plants will turn any outdoor structure into a garden fit for royalty, and there is a surprising amount to choose from:

  • Roses are timeless. They make a space feel special and will no doubt inspire a sense of romance and joy in whoever is lucky enough to be there.
  • Clematis is one of the all-time best for Pergolas. This vine usually blooms by early spring and its vibrant purple gives a sense of abundance and possibility.
  • Honeysuckle grows rapidly and will cover any space with ease. Their fragrance will delight you and can be a lot of fun for the kids too.
  • Jasmine. Need we say more. These gorgeous shapely plants, almost like a snow-covered mountain, will fill your space with a scent so strong you’ll be able to smell it from your kitchen. 
  • Wisteria has a lightness and a freshness about it that is guaranteed to delight. Lavender blue in color with a delectable scent when close up.
  • Bougainvillea is the choice for you if you love a bit of flamboyance. Deep, yet bright, pinks who love the sun and isn’t afraid to show off – the perfect party climber.
  • Ivy, in contrast, will give you a lovely luscious green coverage. Easy to grow, and resilient in all kinds of weather.
  • Bleeding Heart is for the subtle minded who love a touch of sophistication, these delicately heart-shaped flowers prefer moist areas with only a dash of sun. They might be best placed in a spot in the corner, or under a tree that provides shade.
  • Passion Fruit. If you feel like getting fancy and fun, a passion fruit pergola may be the way to go. Great climbers, and if you get it right then there’ll be no need to go to the kitchen for the fruit platter!
  • Climbing Hydrangea may well be your mum’s favourite though you may have to be patient – they can take years to flower. However, their bold beautiful colour and shape will be sure to create a thrilling atmosphere.

Whatever the setup of your Pergola, you can be guaranteed that there’s a perfect plant that wants to be right by its side.